Costs and LimitsΒΆ

Costs and Limits is FREE for personal use. Your guest account includes a monthly bandwidth allocation of 50Mb.

You can upgrade your guest account to a paid plan at any time. Please see below for details.


  Guest Supporting Member 800MB 1200MB 1600MB 2000MB
Monthly Bandwidth 50MB 400MB 800MB 1200MB 1600MB 2000MB
Forwarding Addresses 2 10 10 12 16 20
Custom Domains 1 5 10 12 16 20
Catchall enabled
No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cost per month
$1 $2 $3 $4 $5

Payment Options

Pay via PAYPAL
E4ward account name(s)

Pay via STRIPE

Pay via Crypto Currency

Supporting Member $12 For One Year
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